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Written By Marcus S. Atkinson - Johnnie Thomas III & j. Andre Simmons


FACET A novel / animated series


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Step into the imaginative, exciting world of FACET!


The ancient ones were masters of philosophy, architecture, and mathematics – their sons became kings; their daughters, queens. They went on to create the greatest civilization the world had ever known. But that civilization is no more.

Now, Shaki’ir – a young warrior destined for greatness – and his friend, Jaa’Ku – a boy just trying to find his way – must pick up the pieces and restore the glory of the days of old; along the way, they meet another mysterious warrior, learn about the epic battle that decimated the ancients, and discover an enigmatic stone that holds major implications not only for their combined destinies, but also for all of Egypt, Africa, Earth, and the entire universe. Will they prevail in their quest?


Find out in FACET!

Main Characters

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